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  • Red and purple lava lamp in the foreground, laboratory name in the background written in orange and red.

    LaVA-OPs: Laboratory for Variability-Aware Assurance and Testing of Organic Programs

    Our laboratory works on assuring and testing programs that are highly-configurable, self-adaptive and self-healing.  Configurability (or variability) describes how a program can be customized and instantiated as a family of programs.  Modeling the variability of a program allows us to reason about the space of possible program instances, and to sample and reuse results. To sample and explore large configuration spaces we use  many bio-inspired algorithms. We also are working to infer and predict behavior of biological organisms which we view as programs. Together we call these both classes of programs, organic.

    Directed by Dr. Myra Cohen. 

  • Program Analysis Laboratory

    Automatically detecting, diagnosing and fixing bugs/vulnerabilities in software.

    Machine learning for code.

    Analyzing machine learning systems for reliability, safety and effective learning.

    Directed by Dr. Wei Le